Nux MG-100 Modeling Guitar Effect Pedal 58 Effect 72


Nux MG-100 Modeling Guitar Effect Pedal 58 Effect 72

Nux MG-100 Modeling Guitar Processor seamless and quick preset switching.
Built-in drum machine with CD quality PCM sounds.
Up to 40 seconds phrase loop with sound on sound adds more playability.
Tap tempo control for time-based effects and drum machine.
Loop sounds can be played with drum machine’s rhythm beat synchronously.
The AUX IN jack makes it easy to practice along with MP3, CDs and other inputs.
The expression pedal lets you adjust the volume or effect parameters in real-time.
Large color TFT LCD panel (160 x128), graphic interface making the overall operation easy and intuitive.
A total of 72 presets, 36 factory + 36 user presets.
32-bit DSP, high-performance 24Bit 44.1kHz AD/DA converter. Powered by batteries or DC power adapter.

Nux MG-100 Modeling Guitar Processor Guitar Effect Pedal Drum Tuner Recorder 58 Effect 72 Preset Multi-function


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Nux MG-100 Modeling Guitar Effect Pedal 58 Effect 72 Product description


Operations and functions:

1. Preset(footswitches): Select presets;
Right switch: select the next preset up Left switch: select the next preset down Both switch(press simultaneously): enter tuning mode 2.Expression pedal: Control Nux MG-100 Modeling Guitar Processor volume, wah or assigned effect parameter.
3.Module button: Control effect module.

4.Save button: Save tone settings that you create by using the panel knobs and pedals.
5.Tap button: Set overall tempo, allow you to sync the delay time to the tempo of the song.
6.Display: Show working status (different modes).

7.Edit: Stop save procedure or return to last mode (in Save mode).
8.Jam: Control built-in drum and loop machine (on or off).
9.Mixer: Connect item to a recorder, a hi-fi system,

headphones or other audio devices. 10.Select: Choose effects for each module.
11.Knobs 1-3: Adjust parameter of the effect in the module.
12.Pedal: Select module to assign to the expression pedal.

  • 58 types of effect, up to 8 types can be used simultaneously.
  • 13 classic amp models with True Simulation of Analog Circuit(TSAC) Cherub’s TS/AC technology.
  • Vintage 3-band passive EQ modeling for every amp model.
  • 6-band graphic EQ designed specifically for electric guitar(120Hz,250Hz,750Hz,1.6kHz,3.2kHz,6.4kHz).
  • 11 cabinet models.


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