ElectroVoice ELX115


ElectroVoice ELX115

The ELX115 from Electro-Voice is a 2-way passive loudspeaker that offers pro-quality audio for sound reinforcement, PA, and stage monitoring applications. The speaker has a 15″ woofer and a 1.5″ titanium compression driver to provide crisp, natural audio with a wide frequency response. The speaker has a 400W continuous (1600W peak) power handling capability to provide a strong, distortion-free performance.

ElectroVoice ELX115 Versatility

ElectroVoice ELX115


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ElectroVoice ELX115 Specifications

  • More power, fuller sound for larger rooms
  • EVS-15K woofer 
  • 1.5-inch DH-1K titanium HF compression driver
  • 50 Hz – 20 kHz frequency range
  • 90° x 50° coverage-pattern waveguide
  • 60° Monitor Angle
  • 134 dB max SPL
  • Power handling: 400 W continuous, 1600 W peak
  • Braced 15mm plywood enclosure
  • Pole mount or stack with Live X Subwoofers
  • Black textured finish

Great performance

Here comes efficiency. Users of the ELX 115 full-range speaker will experience an enormous sound for this price range. This is ensured by a large mid/bass driver combined with a powerful compression driver in a nine-layer multiplex housing.

The passive speaker has a vertical angle of coverage that tapers off relatively sharply. In this way, it can be aimed at the audience in a targeted manner and is also suitable for rooms with low ceilings. The high-quality workmanship makes the cabinet durable and suitable for parties at the same time.

The chassis is coated with textured paint and the surface is sealed to make it impact-resistant. The powerful sound makes its way through a solidly processed front grille.


Powerful sound

The Electro-Voice ELX 115 delivers some real loudness. It always retains its powerful yet pleasantly warm sound and can certainly be described as one of the best passive full-range speakers. Equipped with a 15″ woofer and a 1.5″ titanium driver, it can deliver up to a whopping 134 dB maximum SPL.

The cabinet is made for sound reinforcement in halls or for use as a stage monitor. Equipped with a 35 mm flange, it can be placed on a standard tripod or on a subwoofer with a spacer rod. A suitable amplifier is definitely required, which should already be sufficiently dimensioned, i.e. deliver at least two outputs of 600 watts at eight ohms.

The speaker with a load capacity of 400 watts RMS and an impedance of eight ohms is connected to the amp via a speaker twist connection. The second socket can loop the signal through to another passive cabinet.


Front-of-house and monitor sound

Now, what room sizes and music styles is the ELX 115 designed for? First of all, it represents an honest sound. Here, loud is loud and quiet passages are quiet without compression. Organisers of Rock, Pop, or Techno concerts reach up to 300 people with a classic stereo sound system.

Put a subwoofer underneath each side of the stage and up to 500 guests can get a powerful sound. If you run a multifunctional stage, you will benefit from the high speech intelligibility that this system delivers.

Bands and DJs will appreciate the comfortable handling. With a weight of 21.9 kg, the speaker can be easily carried to the location on tour using the conveniently positioned handles.


About Electro-Voice

Electro-Voice was founded in 1927 and has been dedicated to building sound reinforcement systems and microphones since the 1930s. The firm, originally based in Indiana, USA, is considered one of the industry pioneers and has developed many new technologies still in use today. For example, their hum-cancelling coil was not only a milestone for microphone construction, but also was at the origin of the humbucker pickups still used in many guitars.

In the long history of the company, Electro-Voice has constantly expanded its offer and today sells a wide range of products for sound reinforcement tasks from entry to professional levels.

Grows with the audience

For those first small gigs in the rock bar around the corner, simply place two ELX 115s on speaker stands. Up to a room size of 150 m², the drum kit will do well without a subwoofer, and the electric bass will also have a full sound. To do this, connect the mixing desk in the hall to a suitable amp and connect its outputs to the two speakers.

If you later play in front of a larger audience, the bass presence can be increased by two additional ELX 118 subwoofers under the ELX 115s. Simply wire the left and right amp outputs into each of the two subwoofers and from there into the ELX 115s. By the way, the speakers can be protected during transport with light, optionally available covers, which are also water-repellent.

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