Martin audio F15 passive speaker


Martin audio F15 Passive Speaker

Presentation The Blackline F15 + is a versatile two-way passive loudspeaker with a new vent system which improves the efficiency at low frequencies. The F15 + is the most powerful of the Blackline series. This enclosure is designed for applications where high performance is required without taking up much space.

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◗ Wide-bandwidth system
◗ User rotatable 80˚ x 50˚ horn
◗ Top hat fitting for speaker stand mounting
◗ 1.4” (35mm) exit compression driver
◗ Five year limited warranty
◗ Live club performance
◗ High powered stThe high power Martin audio F15 is a high performance, wide-bandwidth system in a compact and efficient package.
Extended frequency response is provided by a new 15” (380mm) LF driver and a new 1.4” (35mm) exit compression
driver mounted on a rotatable 80˚ x 50˚ constant directivity HF horn. The new LF driver features a tough, water
resistant cone and a lightweight, high BL, neodymium motor system with inside/outside coil windings for improved
heat transfer.

An aluminium demodulating ring reduces distortion and improves midrange clarity at high levels and
increased excursion is available via a triple roll surround and deep motor structure. The new HF driver utilises a
titanium diaphragm with controlled break-up modes for improved sonic performance at high frequencies and the
crossover design and LF cone profile have been optimised to match the directivity of the HF horn and LF section

Through the crossover region.

The Martin audio F15 is perfect for higher power applications where ease of installation, or speed of deployment, are important
factors. Its ergonomic design and rotatable HF horn makes near-ceiling mounting and aiming easy in venues with
restricted height, whilst its multi-angle birch ply cabinet allows it also to be used as a high power floor monitor. Its
twelve M8 inserts make a variety of horizontal or vertical mounting methods possible.
The Martin audio F15 comes with a top hat fitting for speaker stand mounting. This fitting can also be used as a pole socket
when the F15+ is used with, for instance, a Blackline S18+ subwoofer.
A Martin Au

Martin F15  speaker Description

Specifications – Martin audio F15 + – Power: 400W AES – Type: 2-way passive – Frequency response: 55Hz – 18kHz – Speaker: 38cm – Tweeter: 1.4 compression ” – Sensitivity: 100 dB – Spl max: 124 dB – Impedance: 8 ohms – Dispersion: 80 ° H x 50 ° V – Connectors: 2 x Speakons NL 4 – Fixings: Inserts + base, – Dimensions: 471 x 690 x 443 mm – Weight: 30.5kg © :


  • TYPE Compact, two-way passive, multi-angled, vented
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE (1) 55Hz-18kHz 3dB DRIVERS 15″ (380mm) bass driver 1.4″ (35mm) exit compression driver
  • RATED POWER (2) 400W AES, 1600W peak
  • RECOMMENDED AMPLIFIER 400-800W into 4 ohms
  • SENSITIVITY (3) 99dB
  • MAXIMUM SPL (4) 123dB continuous, 129dB peak
  • IMPEDANCE 8 ohms nominal
  • CROSSOVER 1.2kHz passive
  • ENCLOSURE 68 litre, multi-laminate birch ply
  • FINISH Textured black paint
  • PROTECTIVE GRILLE Black perforated steel
  • CONNECTORS 2 x Neutrik NL4
  • FITTINGS 12 x M8 inserts Top hat fitting
  • DIMENSIONS (W) 471mm x (H) 690mm x (D) 443mm (W) 18.5ins x (H) 27.2ins x (D) 17.5ins
  • WEIGHT 32.5kg (71.5lbs)

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