CT-160S 16 Channel Plain Mixer

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CT-160S 16 Channel Plain Mixer

Good quality  Plain Mixer USB with Bluetooth Connection!

Plain Mixers Description/Detail’s

*16 channel Mono and Stereo Mic/Line Input pure 3 band equalizer (HIGH,MID.LOW) design delay, echo, reverb phantom power for studio condenser mics built-in Mp3 USB 3.0 input high quality and high precision 60mm long fader can precisely adjust the matching level of the channel exterior design of double color side panel bluetooth capable with Auxiliary. Specification: -Brand: Yamaha -Model: CT-160S -Mixer Type: Hand Mixer -Mixer features: Speed Control

CT-160S 16 Channel

Original price was: KShs24,000.00.Current price is: KShs22,000.00.

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CT-160S 16 Channel Plain Mixer

Effects channel

AdJusts the total volume of the effect sends bus signals sent to the console’s internal effects processor and output.

Adjusts the length of the time span between each echo in the effector to simulate the reverb effects of spaces of different sizes.



AdJusts the times and depth of the echoes of the effector.

This has a function which distributes the signal level between left and right channels to make a stereo sound effect.

When you want to monitor echo sound & external effector sound, you can adjust this control through the headphone.



These are used for adjusting the volume of signal sources, which are connected to the relevant channels.


Adjusts the volume from the output jack of the AUX SEND channel in order to match the external devices.

When you want to monitor echo sound & external effector sound, you can adjust this control through the headphone.


TAPE Input Level
Adjusts the volume of a 2-track device or CD replay to the main channel L/R

Adjusts the volume of the monitor headphone. Use a proper volume to avoid the damage to your hearing.

Main mix & Meter

Main mix and Meter+48V Phantom Power Switch
+48VDC switch supplies power to the channel’s XL input, providing power for the microphone requiring phantom power or DI-BOX. The power currents are restrictive, providing power to the XLR socket’s pin 2 and pin 3 of the mono input channel vla 6k8 ohm resistors.

Warning: When selecting phantom power, do not connect unbalanced soures or cables to the input. To avoid big clicking sound, mute the channel when turning on or off the +48V power.

Main Level Meters
In normal condition, it shows the output level of the main mix signals. When any channel’s PFL/AFL button is pressed down, it switches to show the signal level of that channel.

Working Condition Indicator
POWER: Power indicator. It lights to show working starts
PFL/AFL: Monitoring condition indicator. When the light turns on, the console is under the monitoring condition, with the main level meters showing the signal level of the monitor channel, and the channel signal is monitored from the headphone monitor output.

FADER: Adjusts the output level of the main mix, providing a normal boost from OdB to +10dB.


BLUETOOTH and MP3 PLAYERMenuThe main menu key, press lightly to enter the multi-level settings.

BackwardBackward/Last One selection key;

Fast forwardFast forward/Next One selection key;

Play-PausePLAY, PAUSE, and ENTER keys.

Adjusts the main volume of the playing MP3 player.

When the key is up, the MP3 playing signal will go directly to the main channel L/R outputs. When it’s down, the signal is sent to the CH 7/8 channel processing. At this time, the CH 7/8 channel input jack cannot be occupied. Thus, the output signal from the MP3 player can go into the CH 7/8 channel for processing and be redirected to various output ends.

Main output sections

Main output sections

The console’s main mix output is XLR & JACK. L and R output usually sends signals to the indoor PA (public address) system for live sound mixing, or to a 2-track recorder for studio mixing.

Unbalanced TRS output is post-level and post monitor-signal. These jacks are used for sending signals to the local speakers or other monitor systems.

Unbalanced TRS jack. You can insert a headset, listening on a local monitor output. We recommend that you use closed headphones of 30 to 600 ohm impedance. Please note: Adjust the volume to avoid hearing damage

Unbalanced TRS jack outputs AUX SEND AUX signals, which is for sending to monitor, effects devices such as echo and delay, and special mixing requirements.

These are to be connected with external digital reverb &effect equipment.

These are to be connected with external digital reverb &effect equipment.

RCA input and output connects popular recording and playing equipment, such as CD, MiniDisc, computer and cassette player. The rated line level is -2dBu. 2-track sends are normally post-fader and after LR mix, regardless of how the setting of mode switching is. 2-track returns can be used for monitoring mono or stereo recording, or serve as a simple input of replay content and background music.

Rear panel function

Rear panel function

Power Connection and Power Switch
The pure mixer varieties use external power adaptor for power supply. Before connecting the power, make sure the power voltage of the power adaptor equipped with this console is in conformity with the local electrical voltage. When the power switch of this console is at “off ” position, all devices after this console should be at “off” position.

After you plug the power adaptor properly to the power input socket of this console, you should screw the nut going with the plug tightly and firmly.  Only use the power adaptors equipped or approved by our company.

Read more: https://manuals.plus/yamaha/ct-160s-16-channel-plain-mixer-manual#ixzz7d4NeinRE


Maximum input level MIC +24dBu
Line +24dBu
Maximum output level XLR +26dBu
TRS +20dBu
Master meters 10 segment -24dB to CLIP
Channel meters 1 LED signal indication
Frequency response 20Hz to 30KHz 0.5dB
CMRR (MIC 1kHz) >75dB
THD+N <0.01% (Channel to mix out)
Crosstalk at 1kHz Fader shutoff >85dB
Mute shutoff >85dB
Nolse, rms 22Hz to 22KHz EN -122dBu
Residual output noise <-90dBu
MONO EQ LF, shelving, +/-15dB, 12KHZ
HM, peak/dip, +/-15dB, 2.5KHz
LF, shelving, +/-15dB, 80Hz
Mono channel XLR balanced, pin 2 hot, 2Kohm, Sensitivity -60 to +10 dBu
TRS balanced, tip hot, 10Kohm, Sensitivity -40 to+10 dBu
XLR, phantom +48V
2-track return RCA, unbalanced, 4Kohm, -2 dBu
2-track send RCA, unbalanced, <75 ohm,
-2 dBu
L/R output XLR balanced, pin 2 hot, <75 ohm, +4 dBu, Max.+22 dBu
EX/AUX output TRS unbalanced, tip hot, <75 ohm, -2 dBu, Max. +18 dBu
Headphones TRS, tip L, ring R, 30 to 600 ohm headphones recommended
Max. Power input power 15watts

We are committed to continuously Improving the quality of our products. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Read more: https://manuals.plus/yamaha/ct-160s-16-channel-plain-mixer-manual#ixzz7d4NMwo4p

CT-160S 16 Channel Plain Mixer Features

  • 16 mic/line input
  • 8 line outputs
  • 4 RCA connectors
  • 2 XLR Main outputs
  • With Bluetooth
  • built in USB port
  • with delay., echo, reverb and 16 other effects.
professional channel mixer that emphasizes quality, audio performance, and easy-to-understand, uncluttered control surface

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