M Audio Oxygen 49 IV 49 Key USB/MIDI Keyboard


M Audio Oxygen 49 IV 49 Key USB/MIDI Keyboard

Brand M-Audio
Size 49 Keys
Style Keyboard
Color MultiColored
Model Name Oxygen 49 IV
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M Audio Oxygen 49 IV manufacturer

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Premium Synth-Action Response

Your performance demands the right tools for the job. M-Audio’s Oxygen 49 features a synth-action keybed with action that is adaptable, clean and precise. The natural profile keys are both velocity- and pressure-sensitive, for maximum expressive capability, guaranteeing to replicate every subtlety and nuance of your performance. With the inclusion of conveniently-located, Octave Up and Octave Down buttons, accessing the entire note range has never been easier – whether you’re playing intricate melodic lines, chords or basslines, Oxygen 49 is the ideal, ultra-portable production and performance control solution.

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Premium Response

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Express Yourself

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Production Control

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DAW Integration


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