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When it comes to delivering a remarkable audio experience in any setting, the JBL VRX 900 Series Speaker stands tall as a true industry leader. Designed to meet the demands of professional sound reinforcement, this speaker line boasts a combination of cutting-edge technology, superior engineering, and unmatched versatility that places it at the forefront of the audio world.

Jbl Vrx 900 speaker


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Small-format Professional Sound Systems

Delivering extraordinary power handling, clarity and flexibility, the VRX900-Series Constant Curvature line array loudspeakers feature the hallmark of all JBL products—stunning, legendary JBL sound. Designed to address the growing need for a small-format professional sound system, JBL developed the VRX900-Series for sound rental companies and fixed installations, along with musicians and DJ’s looking for the ultimate in performance and portability. Providing the performance of high end line arrays in compact 8- and 12-inch formats, including a powered 12-inch format, VRX900-Series solutions are affordable, flexible and offer outstanding coverage and coherence.

Leveraging technology and components from the JBL VERTEC®-Series line arrays, but with a more compact form factor, the VRX900-Series is perfectly suited for use in smaller venues and small to medium sound reinforcement projects. Despite their smaller-scale applications, VRX900-Series Constant Curvature Line Arrays are designed and built to the same high standards as the VERTEC line and uses the same advanced, concert-proven drivers. JBL’s VRX900-Series speakers deliver extraordinary power handling, clarity, flexibility and, of course, stunning JBL sound in an attractive, easy to handle and affordable package.


The challenge in designing a world-class line array is to create a controlled, coherent coverage pattern regardless of the number of cabinets used in the array. JBL’s Constant Curvature Array Design does that and more. The VRX waveguide mounts three compression drivers on a continuous arc enabling them to work together acoustically as if they were a single driver, while dramatically increasing the power handling and acoustic output when compared to a single driver system. Additional enclosures can be added creating an uninterrupted, continuous arc with all of the drivers working together seamlessly as if they were one driver on a very long waveguide. This innovative technology provides unprecedented output coherence and stunning, clear high-frequency sound quality regardless of the configuration.


Covering a venue with a smooth, consistent sound field is key to the success of any professional sound reinforcement project. The VRX accomplishes this with JBL’s Array Configuration Selector, a convenient series of switches on each enclosure that controls the output of each high-frequency section in the array. With the VRX’s amplitude shading you can set the upper enclosures in an array configuration to deliver more output for reaching a distant balcony while the lower enclosures can be ‘shaded back’ with less output for the front rows of the venue. Each section of the venue can be fine tuned for a balanced, seamless overall coverage pattern.


Sound reinforcement professionals constantly ask for more power but less weight so JBL designed the VRX’s drivers with much less weight than comparable drivers and yet significantly increased its power handling and output. Super lightweight neodymium magnets positioned inside the voice coil of each driver, a key feature of JBL’s patented Differential Drive woofer design, reduce the massive steel top plates, back plates and pole pieces

found in the ‘magnetic circuits’ of conventional loudspeakers. The VRX’s dual voice coil design delivers greater power handling while maximizing the performance of each driver. An integrated heat sink ensures excellent heat dissipation and consistent, reliable performance. Overall, the VRX weighs less, has more power capacity, lowered distortion and lower power compression than any comparable system.


Designed in cooperation with Crown International, the ultra compact, high- power JBL DrivePack® DPC-2 amplifier module features Crown’s Class D digital power amplification circuitry. DBT (Dual-Bridged Technology™) directly links discrete amplifier channel outputs to each voice-coil in the Differential Drive loudspeaker. The DPC-2 incorporates Crown’s BCA™

(Balanced Current Amplification) Class-I circuitry with temperature compensated modulation and state of the art feedback circuitry. An extraordinarily efficient passive cooling system eliminates noisy fans. The onboard DSP controls the system performance; protection, optimization, equalization and for the VRX932LAP, the Array Configuration Selector.


VRX900-Series enclosures are constructed with premium quality birch plywood. Coated in JBL’s rugged DuraFlex™ finish and heavily braced the systems are extremely durable, not to mention rigid and resonance free. The heavy duty steel grilles are internally lined with acoustically transparent foam to provide additional driver protection.


Ease of set up and takedown is critical to ensuring high quality sound reinforcement that meets both time and cost restrictions. JBL’s exclusive integral rigging hardware for the VRX900’s allows the enclosures to be quickly and securely locked to one another by simply swinging a hinged bar into place and securing it with the included quick release pins. The optional VRX-AF or VRX-SMAF array frame attaches to the rigging hardware of each enclosure providing an easy to use, elegant suspension system for flown arrays. A second array frame may be installed at the bottom of an array for applications where the system must be aimed down sharply.

The Accessories You Need

Your live sound system isn’t complete without portable speaker bags and dependable high-quality stands for quick, reliable setup. JBL offers durable speaker bags by Gator, and a variety of gas-assist and manual-adjust speaker stands built to seamlessly match your VRX Series system and provide a reliable foundation for your next gig, event or tour.


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