Studio Bass Traps Pair


Studio Bass Traps Pair

Effective acoustic treatment for low-to-medium frequencies

Carefully selected foam for optimum sound absorption

Corrugated design increases effectiveness

Fire retardant to furniture standards

Studio Bass Traps Pair


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Studio Bass Traps Pair Specifications

About Ultimate Bass Traps

Let’s face it, most rooms were designed and built to house furniture and other box-type things. All that “squareness” provides the perfect environment for the low frequencies from your mix, songwriting or rehearsal to build up in the corners of your space. Ultimate Acoustics’ UA-BTB is a professional bass trap that reduces the effects of standing waves in your room – controlling and absorbing all that nasty rumble that gets in the way of you hearing your music accurately. With an elegant bevelled finish, the UA-BTB looks every bit as great as it performs. UA-BTB is sold in pairs and includes adhesive squares for applying them to the corners of your room.
When you have powerful speakers, pumping out powerful lows, it’s very likely your room is not allowing you to hear your speaker’s full dynamic response because of standing waves cancelling each other out. Our Bass traps are designed to solve that problem.

When you’re experiencing trouble with your sound system’s bass output, symptoms might lead you to believe the problem is with your speakers or your amplifier. You might even think there’s something wrong with the source material itself. But, more often than not, the problem is with your room’s acoustics and hard reflective surfaces and corners.

Ultimate Bass Traps Features

  • Professional bass traps for controlling room nodes
  • Two per box
  • Adhesive squares included
  • Corner Bass Trap

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